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The New Revenue Stream 

Revenue Recovery

We START where revenue cycle management STOPS.

What do we do? FIND YOUR MONEY. We are experts at deconstructing "internal payor logic" inside the vast insurance claims processing systems and then applying our strategy known as retrospective revenue recovery.


Our Mission 

Healthcare providers are concerned about inexplicable gaps in claims, payor remittance, and reimbursement. This is where M2 MedMatch steps in. 


Health Claims are subject to highly sophisticated processing platforms and algorithms, which ultimately diminish your insurance reimbursement. 


M2 MedMatch has a reputable history of recovering lost insurance revenue for our clients. 

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"I never knew I could get paid on the denials and discounts of my closed accounts...we recovered $2 million in just one quarter" Hospital Client

Our Services

We serve most medical specialties, from physician practices to prestigious healthcare systems. Our Team aligns with your practice and hospital billing departments by, restoring unclaimed HMO/PPO dollars that missed the Bottom Line. 

M2 utilizes its in-house technology, resources, proprietary software, and seasoned staff to scrub and collect on zero-balanced insurance accounts – current write-offs from the past 4 years.

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Health Insurance Companies Make Record Profits

"UnitedHealth Group was the most profitable payer in 2021, bringing in more than double the profit of its next-closets competitor with $17.3 billion in earnings...UnitedHealth was also the fourth quarter's most profitable company, raking in $4.1 billion, which matched what its competitors earned combined, according to the filings."

  We Find Your Revenue Here 

Minemayer, Paige. "UnitedHealth was 2021's most profitable payer. Here's a look at what its competitors earned." Fierce Healthcare, 11 Feb 2022,

Why Choose Us

By pinpointing harmful Payor tactics, we add dollars to your bottom line and fix many of the obstacles your organization will encounter moving forward

Our proprietary technology analyzes your payor remittance advice, contracted rates, and summary plan documents for optimizing 

revenue recovery 

We have recovered millions in unauthorized payor discounts, timely payments, wrongful denials, and usual customary rate reductions for our clients

30+ years of experience in hospital and physician revenue recovery, healthcare executives, certified coders, and insurance specialists 

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